Three Nails

Posted: February 22, 2011 in Uncategorized

They used three nails to bind my King
To the tree on which He died
How many times did the hammer strike
As His skin was pierced did He cry
Before they bound Him to the cross
They scourged His precious skin
Did every lash He received that day
Carry a measure of my sin

They placed on Him a crown of thorns
And mocked Him as a King
With a staff they struck Him on the head
For us He accepted these things

As He hung upon the cross that day
And gazed upon the crowd
Did He see the tears of the faithful
And the self-righteous scorn of the proud

As He called out to His Father
To forgive them for their sin
How many knew of His great gift
That we could live because of Him

Three nails did pierce my Savior
Through His death we all have won
Three nails to signify the love
Of the Spirit, the Father, and the Son

~ Patricia Guinn ~


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