God has a plan!

Posted: March 2, 2011 in Uncategorized

God’s Plan by Katrina

God has a plan for everyone,
Yet most of us simply won’t believe,
We go about our lives not caring He exists,
Or wondering about the plan He’s conceived.
Yet when we are stricken with tragedy,
When the feeling has left us all numb,
That’s when we call on His name in desperation,
Hoping for a miracle to come.
If only we would look and listen,
If only we would shut out the world
If we would listen to that still small voice,
The love in our hearts would unfurl.
And if we cared for each other,
If we would stop hurting our brother,
The life we would live, The love we could give
Would be something to cherish from one another.
Yet we live with our lives cast in shadow,
Most of us hating our fellow man,
If we cannot learn to love one another
Then how can we follow God’s plan?


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