Pray For Someone Today!

Post your prayer on comment and we’ll pray for you=D
First . . . there is no perfect prayer posture or location. Kneeling with folded hands helps some people to focus their prayers, particularly if they have experienced prayers this way. For many people sitting in a comfortable, quiet place is all that is necessary. Others pray as they walk, run, bike or exercise. In their experience the physical activity frees their mind and heart to focus on prayer. Having a place free of distractions is important. Think of prayer as a conversation. It’s much harder to talk to someone in a crowded room than in a quiet corner. People who have a regular spot for prayer find that they become prayeful simply by going there.

Second . . . there is no need to use words like “thee” and “thou” unless they come naturally to you. Open your heart to God. There is no point trying to hide frustration, fear, or doubt. God knows they are there. It is often the great love we have for the person we are praying for that gives rise to these feelings. Honest prayer from the heart has great power.

Third . . . Learn from the experiences of others, but remember that how you pray most effectively will reflect your own experience and personality. Some people pray aloud, others offer words in silence. Some pray with mental pictures, others without word or image.

  1. Post Your Prayer On Comment And Well Pray For You=D

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